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In games Generator Rex you'll have to help the protagonist to save the planet and his friends.

Again in front of us will heroics cartoon characters. This time the protagonist will Generator Rex. It all began with the fact that there was an explosion in space and on the ground appeared a terrible virus. It infects all the people in its path and turn into wild beasts. To deal with nanites were created division "Providence." All participants regularly working on the destruction of the virus, and one of them became established Generator Rex. One day he, too, succumbed to the virus and infected, but he had the power to extinguish in itself intrigues nanites. So he became the strongest and most powerful. By learning to control the nanites he became immortal. A wide variety of online games of this miracle of the generator will not give you even a yawn. Here and dress up and prepare for Christmas, and how much fun battle awaits you. For example, Rex want to leave the snowballs at the enemy. This is not a dangerous adventure, but very funny. Beowulf pelted with snowballs, knocking off his hat and plenty Laugh at him. By accident, Rex can bring to the dinosaurs. Caught in Jurassic Park, our hero will prove its place under the sun, fighting with the big lizards. Manage it well to show these arrogant creatures that Rex is our most powerful and no one will be able to combat it outright. No Rex cope with the speed and jump, so he always takes an active part. We need to save the city or even the entire planet - it is only by Rex. In a more peaceful time, he likes to drive on steep wheelbarrow. He will have a chance to show themselves in a single race or take over another company. Together with Ben 10 online games, you will be able to withstand any force. Select other for who will lead the battle and start the battle with the aliens, terrible monsters. In the melee you can attack from all sides, but manages to strike first. This will knock the enemy out of battle and keep your hero's health, since it is often one will face a whole heap of enemies who are capable of causing tremendous damage.

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