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Hercules once lived a long time and at the same time had the reputation of a hero, who is remembered to this day. About him composed legends and myths, and rumors quickly proznala that Hercules is none other than the son of Zeus, and the student Fiokteta. Of course, initially no one knew that the youngster is a relationship, and before entering the disciples were still oh how long, but the power of it raging, frightening than all around. No one wanted to play with him, as Hercules did not mean to bore behind only destruction, not knowing how to harness all that was hidden in it. But like any hero was Hercules and opponents, and this uncle Hades. Perhaps he did not want the death of the boy, but there was no way, when it comes to add, it's not up to tirades and reasoning, but it was my uncle's machinations Hercules did what he eventually became. After Hercules had learned the truth about his birth, and met Zeus, the dreams of Olympus so captured the young man that he was ready to do anything, if only to take place where it will feel their own, while others will not shun and repel it. Only here the place on Olympus so easy nobody handed out, and the path is thorny and difficult to get, but now Hercules had the support of his father, who believed in him, and the faithful horse Pegasus, who was now close. Faith and perseverance Hercules moved towards the goal, even stubborn Feoktet could not refuse the young man in matters of mentoring. As soon as the still very young Hercules was ready to perform feats, then immediately lost his head out of love, but, alas, he was in love with Aida prispeshnitsu. Sometimes, to be a hero, you need not only to be brave and strong, but to be able to resist the temptation, and have an open mind. Many enemies defeated Hercules, but nothing was considered a true feat, the wonders of his power, he fought with the enemy, or without it, the path to Olympus all also been closed to him. But he got his way when sacrificed himself for the sake of love, that only Hercules realized that the place was not on Olympus and on the ground, next to those who are dear and love. Thus, Hercules was on the ground, and now the game Hercules, nothing else, as a reminder that everyone is capable of deeds, no matter how much meanness and deception have to go through, the main thing is to stay true to yourself. Playing, you will see Hercules as it was in the days of perfect deeds, know his friends and relatives, and themselves the task will bring you to the fulfillment of personal feats and getting achievements as break records too, is no easy task.

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