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Everyone loves to receive gifts, some prefer to give them. But the most interesting thing in this - waiting for a surprise. What may be hiding in a narrow box. Games online Chasing gifts will appeal to many and not just for children. Free online puzzle about funny spiders legs without help fun. The first levels are very easy, with a little action. But with each new level the task will become more complicated and you have to think through the moves in advance. In online games you have to help the funny spider to wake up to your favorite baby or using a gift which he had prepared in advance. Spider can produce long string. Of the rope, he clings to the wall and can be repelled. You need to send a spider, he latched on to the right place on the surface and it must be done while the spider in the process. The most basic task of the game online Chasing gifts - to deliver a box with a gift. In the first part of the spider brings toys for a kid who did not live to see his gift. But soon our hero will be beloved. Now he will try in every way like spider. And how to please a girl without a good gift. We'll have to work hard to spider could make a nice girl. Even if the box will fly or some bug, but beautifully packaged it will be much more pleasant for any spider. For each wall you can catch on to get things done. It is necessary to consider the entire path of the spider and you can start your journey. And in the final part of the online game Pursuit of gifts will come the holidays and birthdays. The kids are waiting for their gifts from the Spider- Pope, but he can not get to them quickly. Await its front barrier in the form of blocks and frames. First of all, it is necessary to pull them aside to make way. Some walls were not sticky, probably someone does not want to help spiders. Therefore, it is impossible to catch them. Spider will still make the kids happy in the free online games by using your skill and ability to calculate the road. Gather together with the hero to the present, regardless of the obstacles, because he has a good purpose - to congratulate the kids on their birthday.

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