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The Gnomes games you will meet with a small hard-working people, engaging with them minerals extraction or cultivation of vegetables.

Who said that you will never see the dwarves, because they do not exist? In online games even possible. Play along with the gnomes in fun and exciting adventure - easily. Fantasy of the country and the city, dangerous dungeons and magic heroes will appear in front of you in these free online games gnomes. Please understand, who are the dwarves. This mythical creatures, heroes of different fairy tales and fantasy. The most famous dwarves - is a great friend of Snow White, who rescued her from her stepmother. Gnomes slight increase, but they are very smart and clever. You can also see the Dwarfs online games as helpers of Santa Claus, they all year preparing gifts for the kids, helping Santa. After all, they love to work with your hands and are able to create nice toys. But this lesson is not allowed all the dwarf, others have to deal with their duties. Every day they are sent to the mines to dig for gold, treasures and other delights of the rich life. Dwarves really want to get all the emeralds, and all the gold in the world, to become powerful, because they were so tired that it all hurt for a little growth. The online Dwarves game will hunt for treasure, surf the dungeon in search of gold coins and precious stones. In other online games you can help the gnome to learn agriculture. He will plant vegetables, and profit from the sale. How did he cope with the work on the ground, if he had always worked alone under the ground? This is the power of such a helper gnomes in online games like you. If a gnome get into trouble, you'll have to go to their rescue or to help embark on a flight. On a huge airship dwarves can fly away from dangerous places. You just need to skillfully manage it so as not to collide with obstacles and dangers on the way, because there are obstacles even in the sky. Since dwarves rarely come from a familiar spot, then when they get to the new land, very much experience as they build a house. You can help them in online games to create a cosiness in the house or to populate an entire village.

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