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For fans of the anime cartoons and comic books created a new manga series about a hero named Goku. This guy lives his life, until he meets with enemies from space. Here and start daring adventure. Battle Goku and his friends against the aliens could be fatal for them, but they came at the last moment repulsed the enemy. In online games Goku have to deal with more calm and worldly affairs. Out of boredom, he comes up with things to do to jump over the wall. To overcome all the obstacles, he needs your help. He dreams of becoming the most famous and powerful in your world, so you need to constantly improve the record for the high jump. He always acts in opposition to Naruto, who had long decided that he was the best warrior. So Goku throws him a challenge. In an epic battle guys, you have to be on the side of Goku to show this arrogant Naruto, who is the strongest once and for all. Make sure that your character is not to catch the eye a huge gorilla. The main objective of the brave Goku - dragon collect all the orbs. For them it will hunt in many of his adventures. Help him confront all enemies to the end of the level to receive the coveted prize. Play online these games can be a couple with a friend. You'll be able to take part in the ultimate showdown between Goku and Vegeta. Choose a character who will improve skills, the use of force which is able to destroy all enemies. So many major fights you walk along with our character, win countless enemies in these free online games, anime characters that you become close friends, and you will fight for them till the end.

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