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Games Golf online will allow to get acquainted with this beautiful game that conquered millions of people.

Nowadays, only elite sports clubs are building golf courses. It is very prestigious to be a member of the club to be able to play this exciting game with friends or take part in the competition. Given that membership in such a club can afford only businessmen, many fans of the game can take up only a virtual stick. Inventory of the game in the beginning of its development consisted only of conventional staves and stones. In the modern version, a whole set of clubs, which number comes to 14 pieces. They differ in weight and length and are designed for different punches. Using one of these balls must be driven into a special hole. The most important rule is that you can not take the ball with his hands in any case, even if stuck. Only with the help of the stick you can make him fly further. A great advantage of online games is the variety of golf lawns and players that can compete. It could be pirates, cowboys, and you can play with Vinnie and Mario. Girls see on the golf course cute girl Dasha. Go into space along with aliens and teach them how to swing your clubs. Play online may be among the highest buildings in the apartment, and even discover a mini golf. Each hit the target will bring you points. Free play can be with a friend, this is an option,"the two players." Along with their favorite characters Gravity Falls went up to the attic. There, too, you can make a small golf course and a little family Flintstones play golf online in the medieval. Count the impact force to the first time to deliver the ball to the hole. On the way will meet lakes and forests, but surely jump all the barriers. Some games come with indicators of impact force and direction. This will help you win at an opponent or more points in a team game. In life, it is impossible to play golf with the machines. The free online game you will be driving a car, driving him the ball in the hole.

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