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Nowadays, agricultural machinery is used not only for its intended purpose as a self-propelled tractor for use during plowing. Already more than a dozen years, held the race on tractors on the highway at the time of the complex and knockout competition. Such contests have their origin from Russia, but already popular in many countries. Not surprisingly, the tractor moved the race in a virtual game racing tractors. Of course, the race on tractors are not as popular as race Frmuly-1, but for entertainment, nothing inferior. As the route is chosen rugged countryside, where they ride at high speed tractor, picking up a heap of dust. Playing the race takes place on the tractor on the steep descent and ascent. Dangerous turns and jumps athletes overcome machine operators, hardly slowing down. Games on tractors allow us to estimate fearless riders. In this section we have collected the coolest game race on tractors, which are on the Internet, although a large selection of toys in this genre is not so much created. So take advantage of this opportunity and make the race on tractors from the range of what is on our website. Games on tractors occur at different levels, where there are a variety of tasks, new obstacles and new tractors cling awkward things that can cause damage to the car in an unsuccessful maneuver. Playing the race on tractors - is saved from a boring evening after a busy day and check their own nerves. Racing on the tractors will be of interest to users of all ages, and they develop a care, accuracy, speed of reaction. As you progress through the levels, the player gains experience and the bonuses that allow him to use a more powerful tractor. Racing games on the tractor, it's a great opportunity to hone the skill of the driver's challenging routes for the monitor screen. Tractors are fighting very hard, bold riders crash into the deep mud baths, specially created in their way. Games on tractors can not do without the use of the contact methods of struggle in the way of eliminating rivals. Feel like a village boy or a farmer participating in this rural pastime. Playing the race on tractors, for all its simplicity, of great interest to fans of racing for the excellent graphics and the ability to play directly online.

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