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In the games City of Heroes we will look at Hiro Takachiho and robot Beymaksom fighting for justice

You have not been to the famous city of San Francisco? There you can get so many bright impressions, walk through the streets. But do not despair, you can plunge into the world, playing for free online at the City of Heroes. To get to the start of a pretty teenager 14ti years. He has a very busy life, because as any boy he loves danger and adventure. Boy interested in robotics and took part in clandestine combat robots. These fights do cash rate, so the game was illegal and one guy got to the police station. He was trying to save his brother and aunt Cass. Then he promised his mother no longer do anything wrong and illegal. He went to study in order to develop their design talents and found a lot of true friends. They have created a brave team that will be in all games online to fight evil. Free play with our heroes can be in this section. But that was more productive, you need to take a closer look at each participant. The most important is our hero, who only recently came to a bad track, Hiro Takachiho very resourceful and clever fellow. His best friend was Beymaks - a robot that is able to treat. But Hiro turned it a little, and he modified the robot, he learned to fly. The guy is so clever that he could assemble the robot completely destroyed with just one chip. The most beautiful part of the team - it's a nice girl Honey Lemon. It is useful to the team that well versed in chemical processes. The second girl Gogo Tomago dangerous for his sharp tongue. It can develop tremendous speed its magnetic wheels. Fred at first glance seem a quiet and calm, but can turn into a terrible monster. Specialist cold steel is Nou, known as wasabi. All of these games will introduce you to the entire team through a variety of puzzles, shooters, brodilok, puzzles, and games on memory and agility. Here you can find the treasure and collect artifacts to be an active lifeguard and declare war on a monster.

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