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If you're familiar with a cheerful cat Tom, who loves to repeat your phrase funny voice, it will not be news to you the existence of a talking cat Angela. Like any girl, it takes a cat courting Tom, but does not answer it directly consent. So Tom is constantly forced to care for her and come up with new ways to win. Angela is engaged in this time. The free online games you can reduce the cat in the spa - salon, where she likes to relax. She likes bubble bath and rose petals, and after that she will not give up a pleasant massage and beautiful makeup. She has a lot of dresses that she was constantly buying in stores. Poroysya in her wardrobe to choose a fabulous outfit for a date or for a hike with her friends for a walk. Talking Angela restless inventor so that it can easily come up with a pajama party or go on Halloween. For these activities she needed an unusual image created using the original make-up and outfit. Free online games Talking cat will teach you to take care of very unusual cat, who loves fashion and relax. Only online game Talking Angela you can do a manicure for the cat and make-up for her, and one day she asks you to do for her designer handbag that will be incredibly stylish and beautiful. Not all online games look so rosy, some you have to save Angela from terrible diseases. You will be working as a doctor and you will have knowledge in various fields of medicine because of Angela may hurt your teeth or throat, it will have to do the operation. Still, once the cat Tom Angela achieves focus, and you have to organize their wedding, Angela decorate the room in which they will live. The happiest day for them will be the birth of the baby. But it will bring you a lot of trouble in the free online games. It is necessary to monitor the health of Angela, take delivery, and then learn how to take care of the kitty Angela and Tom. Angela is not always able to cope with the baby, because she has no experience. Therefore, your help will be invaluable to her. Many free online games Talking Angela will tell you how she loved to have fun until the kitten after kitten and dancing, and walked through the salons, as well as on a romantic date with a talking cat Tom.

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