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Games Gravity Falls behavior of the fascinating adventures of twins after finding a mysterious diary

American series about twins became especially popular because of its humor, the number of adventure and mysticism. The main characters - two twins: a boy and a girl Mabel Dipper. Parents often send them on a visit to his uncle Wall. But once they get there in a real swarm of adventure. There was a lot of magic and magical items. It all began with a simple diary, which the kids found in a mysterious forest. Soon the boys guessed that this blog will help in the way of the disclosure of a large number of the secrets of this city. To solve all the guys started looking for the unknown author of the manuscript. Online games will introduce you to a couple of, you know, they just 12 years old. Dipper dreamy and loves to take care of his sister, and Mabel did not like him, she is very happy and cheerful. But the brother has a lot of important advantages, a very smart and resourceful, and still has a care, but his sister is particularly restless, but very dodgy. Together with them will take part in the adventures of friends, whom she met in the town of Gravity Falls. Biggie will Uncle of twins, because he himself is one big secret. Under his shop has a secret place, where he is developing some machines. There are also companies from this funny and enemies. A boy of nine years, which is also found earlier blog-like plan and wants to pick up a shop uncle. When you become known story of this family, you can easily free to play quests, collect puzzle and solve the mystery, finding the necessary items in the picture. Online games you get to know the city, where a lot of secrets, as well as its main inhabitants. When you open rpg online, you can walk through the mysterious forest, along with the twins, before you will be many obstacles. You will have to both twins, but their paths are different. Thus, where the boy will be a smooth road, his sister may be the abyss. Jump over the pit, over sharp thorns and collect stars and other bonuses. If you see a portal, do not hesitate to step in it to get a new exciting location.

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