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Much loved cartoon Wonderful World of Gambolò and now his fans have the opportunity to play in a game where the main character acts kitten Gambolò. During its 12 years, this restless kitten managed to get in a variety of adventures and scrapes, and now you can go with him in the new trial. This is an encounter with a witch on Halloween, where he has to collect the magic potion that will help protect against evil spirits. Also, he was waiting for a joint trip with his brother Darwin in the country of candy, where each step is fraught with mortal danger. And Gambolò would have already learned to avoid these troubles, but he does not wish, and it seems that he is specifically looking for the next adventure. World Gambolò saturated with diverse secondary characters, who often helps kitten to cope with the next adventure. And more often it acts as an assistant to Darwin, which was adopted by Watterson and became friends with Gambolò. And he conquered the world Gambolò his devotion and simplicity. In addition, in their family lives a small crumb of Anais, which differs a sharp mind and good sense. And they all lived in the town of Elmore, who inhabited other unusual inhabitants: sandwiches, who know how to talk, peanuts, balloons, cacti, girl ghost and psychedelic clouds. It turns out the game Gambolò collected at our site at least interesting of the movie, and sometimes even more dynamic capture their adventures and struggles. Very often in the beginning of the game are different comic books, which will give the opportunity to experience the storyline. Almost always, you'll have to play Gambolò, who will be in a difficult situation and expects that you'll help him get out of it. Starting to play, you have to immerse themselves in the game process and not notice how fly a few hours and it is necessary to digress a bit and take lessons. But making them, you always want to go back and re-open the game Gambolò. And this is due to the excellent graphics and excellent musical accompaniment, which are present in every game Gambolò wonderful world and his friends.

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