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In games Bubble Guppies you meet with funny fish, obitayuschmi city Babltaki

Deep under water live a little funny creatures that generally behave like normal children; they go to school, play with friends and learn about the amazing world around us. The girls and boys spend a lot of time with his mentor - guppy fish. Day after day, the kids learn something new and the unknown, and it is so playfully learn everything about around us and the world. Because underwater, all virtually the same as on land, hospitals and fire stations are working normally, are staging in theaters, and give an idea to the circus. It seems that everything in normal life, but children, living under the water, not ordinary: Molly, Gil, Noni, Kobe, Dean, and Una are very similar to the little mermaid, but they are kids guppies that all their actions are reminiscent of small and most importantly, the curious children. One of the characters, Gila, even has a funny puppy, named bubble. But, nevertheless, the characters easily move under water with the help of their little tails, and almost none of them do not wear glasses for diving, except Noni, and, therefore, they see well under water. Boys and girls guppies in each of the cartoon series are trying to learn something new, thanks to Mr. Gruber, who supports them in everything and always says what will be interesting to see the kids. Games Bubble Guppies are designed to not only spend time and playfully learn about something or learn something, as do the little cartoon characters. All heroes have long been waiting for, when you help them cope with their tasks, as well as to overcome the difficulties which have arisen suddenly in the way of small guppies. Puppy bubble is also actively involved in the preparation for the games, because, like kids, loves to play. Restless entertainers themselves prepared some jobs, especially for you, and now look forward to when you accept their decision. Play with residents Babltaki and you learn a lot of interesting things, but also learn to be more careful and responsible. Now that you know about the characters so much, it's time to... And you wait a little guppy fish that follow the characters around, and now will follow and follow you, and it's time to... adventure, which will also take place under the water waiting for you, and you can feel like a resident of the city Babltaki, and now... "It is time to Bubble Guppies."

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