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The game Rise of the Guardians you have to go through many exciting along with the characters of this cartoon.

Each child in childhood to believe in miracles. Children dream that will be a magician and perform their desires, the girls believe in fairy fairies and boys in Star Wars. Therefore children often dream of colored fantastic dreams, so that they can dream and to prolong their childhood. Magical things happen because they protect the good wizards - Keepers. Though we do not see, but they constantly have to fight the demons that children are not nightmares. You can meet them in the free online games. This game will tell us about the"Rise of the Guardians"heroes of the cartoon, which was based on the book by William Joyce. Starting to play the online game Rise of the Guardians, you know, what prevents our good magicians, see with their own eyes their worst enemy, Kromeshnika. His most important joy and purpose in life - to get the child to wake up with a cry of horror 's dream sleep. In the online game you will meet with the Custodian of fun, Ice Jack. You try to collect puzzle with his image by dragging the small fragments on the field of play. you can see more detail on these pictures, what the team Rise of the Guardians. The free online game you will help the Easter Bunny from Australia to prepare for his favorite holiday. After all, as we know, it is impossible to meet this holiday, and the evil Kromeshnik tried to spoil it and put all the eggs without Easter eggs. If you have time to find them in time, the rabbit will be grateful. Only in a free online game you will find out who brings the children a sweet and vivid dreams with the help of golden sand. You can help the keepers look for necessary items, armed with a magnifying glass, and in severe cases, and without it. Every child knows about the tooth fairy, because everyone loses milk teeth and waited for its appearance at night. And only in the online games you see what it is and what makes a fairy for you. If you work hard in the online games, Rise of the Guardians will be able to continue to continue its important work. Help them to perform all the tasks and destroy the evil demon Kromeshnika, and you can do this by collecting puzzles, engaging in the search for hidden objects, as well as painting the image of your favorite heroes. Rise of the Guardians in free online games invite you to become part of the team that will be ready to fight for a happy childhood for each child.

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