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Games Doctor teddy - a great opportunity to feel like a doctor treating a wide variety of patients

Each child in childhood had a lot of toys. Sometimes kids want to play with a real doctor. They were like a favorite doll or teddy bear ill and treated him with the help of toy instruments or tablets. It happened with the little girl. Her mother was a real doctor and a girl often watched how she treats the children. One day my mother gave the girl a toy stethoscope. He was magic, and his magic lay in the fact that all the toys come to life and become real. They could talk to the girl and to move. Since they have not been out of his magical world, being in reality, they fall into all sorts of adventures. And the girls have to treat their wounds, or rescued from the cold. Toys girl nicknamed Dr. plush. Soon, about the adventures of a sweet Redemptrix learned friends girls and she began to bring home their broken toys in hopes that the child will be able to fix them. And of course, the doctor teddy always doing its job. You can see how she does it and even take part in these funny incidents. This cute six year old girl will teach you how to deal with their toys, so they do not hurt. Start playing for free in a series of games about a girl and her toys. You will learn what are the medical instruments and how they need to properly use to cure a sick doll, to fix a broken car or a soldier. Sometimes you have to show your logical thinking to put the picture with these heroes of small puzzles. So you can get acquainted with the girl and her doctor charges. Play online a lot of fun and you can do it at any time. Games about Doctor teddy help you learn something new from the medical field, as well as show how carefully you need to treat your toys to serve you for a long time as they return former beauty and update outfits dolls.

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