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In one fictional town of Metro City is developing crime led by the villain Dr. claws. It manages psycho Corporation, which was created to rule over the whole world. His plans would have quickly realized if I did not live in this city a brave and courageous hero Inspector Gadget. He has excellent support in the form of a niece Penny and brave dog Bruijn. The three of them are not afraid to get into difficult situations and are always ready to rescue those in trouble. The free online game you can get acquainted with these characters, see the pictures as they struggled with the enemy, or spent their time. Inspector Gadget is not just a guy, he has a unique ability to stretch his hands to take objects that are far away from him. In online games, you know, it looks like the main character. He wears only a gray coat, a hat with a wide brim, blue trousers and gloves. Therefore, it is impossible not to know any of the free online games. And in the online coloring you can try to change its image, having painted coat and trousers in different colors. On the palette, a great variety of colors and you can experiment many times. The free online games you will meet with a cute girl Penny, which helps the gadget with the help of his book computer. Only one can not help him to Penny, if Inspector Gadget teeth ache. He then turned to you in the dental office. There are many tools that can cure all teeth of a brave hero, the pain did not prevent him to save people. After playing free online games with Inspector Gadget, you'll want to be as clever and smart as he is. But it is possible, if you constantly develop your magical skills. You can develop these skills in free online games Inspector Gadget. Fold puzzles from small fragments need to very carefully examining each piece of the picture. They are something you will see not only the protagonist Inspector Gadget, and his close friend and helper dog Bruijn, the police chief Uimbi that produces jobs gadget. He is very cunning and cautious, so constantly changing appearance and job issues in Self Destruct notes. With its wit, Inspector Gadget is considered the best police officer.

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