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We offer you a game with Jimmy Neutron, which is able to find a way out of any situation.

Once on the site in a section of the game Jimmy Neutron, you can together with the young inventor to come up with something new that can surprise and amaze. Or help him deal with the consequences of another bad experience. With a beautiful mind, Jimmy Neutron left entirely without friends, which of course is very sad. Become a friend of our genius, helping him in all his future endeavors. Just doing everything together. you will be able to overcome the difficulties, achieving amazing results in the opening of a new one. And thanks to the friendship of Jimmy Neutron will invent things. that will not be as dangerous for the people around him. Just be a teenager or a child - very boring and would be fine if the game children will get someone. different from normal. And they certainly will be Jimmy Neutron play which is a pleasure. Possessing excellent memory, he can in a short time to learn what the others will take years. And it makes his life more colorful and interesting, filling it with new impressions. And what to do with all this knowledge? Of course, coming up with new stuff, most amazing and incredible. But that's not all that happy new inventions of the young genius. For residents Retrovil accustomed to a quiet and measured life, which ended with the beginning of invention. Most of the young genius inventions capable of easy to turn everything upside down, and make a real chaos, causing all to suffer in the district, or even the whole planet. And most often it occurs against the will of our hero, because he does it all in the best of intentions. Most often, each new invention - the spontaneous inspiration and villagers once al rake consequences of unsuccessful claims. All this may bring him fame as a great genius, unless earlier he will not destroy the entire planet. Start playing with Jimmy Neutron, with him going through all the consequences of his inventions, trying to keep him from wrong actions, which he will be.

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