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Start playing the game How to Train Your Dragon, where you will learn the story of a boy who was able to make friends of the Vikings and dragons

The game How to Train Your Dragon coincides with the cartoon, and the beautiful graphics and the opportunity to develop these actions make the game even more exciting. Many fans of fantasy all the time exploring the virtual space for new amusements and when they manage to find something new, then they will send the games to your collection. In games riders boobies and Dragons tells the attempt of friendship between the Vikings and dragons, warring for centuries, and is tired of confrontation both sides. But to say easy, but not easy to implement plans and only thanks to the boy Icking there was hope for peace. And the whole point of his proposal to create a school in which it will be necessary to train a dragon. Residents of the island of boobies like this idea and they began to translate it into reality. Icking himself chose to trenirovak dragon named Night Fury. which he calls Bezzubik. Conducts training game How to Train Your Dragon 2, in which you'll have to perform several tasks: - Overcoming the field, through which it will be necessary to run, burning everything in its path and jumping over obstacles. - Feed the dragon with an unusual name Kettle fish, making sure that it is not eaten junk. - How to Train Your Dragon game Wild Heaven let fly on a dragon Grommele where during the flight you will need as soon as possible to get to the door leading to the next level. And during the flight it must be ensured that will not crash. Starting to play How to Train Your Dragon, you will have a unique opportunity to tame a huge dragon. To do this, it will carry out all the required recommendations from Icking and doing everything right, very soon you will become a top quality rider dragon that will earn money and fame on the island of boobies. Do not forget that. that during the training must be ensured. that your mentee does not burnt, trampled and broke on his way here and then you will need all your skill. During the game How to Train Your Dragon 2 you have to collect bonuses, without which it would be impossible to pass training. So, all the useful information you have, and you can proceed to the most important - training a dragon. Try to do everything to ensure that your relationship began to trust and friendship that will ensure fast and successful learning.

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