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We all know that chickens are usually yellow in color. But if you ever met a black chicken. You can meet him in the series about Calimero. There he will find many adventures, behind which you can watch. The only one in the family, Calimero was born with black fuzz. This made it original and fun. Another feature Calimero is that he is an eggshell on his head instead of a hat. Calimero was born very curious so constantly tries to solve the oddities of nature and other secrets. This often leads him into danger and unpleasant situations. The free online game you together with black chicken you can get into the exciting adventures. He enters the country bubbles, but you need to help Calimero destroy them. It will be possible, if the bubbles burst on the three pieces of the same color. This online game is complicated by the fact that time is limited, so you can not lose a second, not to fall into the whirlpool of bubbles. If you want to take care of the little chicken, then hurry to play online vision test. He wants to consult an eye specialist, to prevent eye disease. You expect a lot of jobs and a vision test notation objects, and if the chicken is healthy, it will make a special mark. Also, this cute character likes all sorts of puzzles, so be sure to offer you to play online tic -tac-toe. The usual puzzle, but with such an original character, it will be more fun. If the chicken wants to fly, you have to show all their care to help the little bird. He will sit behind the wheel of the aircraft, and you have to manage it. Free games online Calimero help you develop memory in the puzzle with the cards. You're going to sort them into pairs, but since they are not visible immediately, it will have to turn two and remember. Calimero Kid loves extreme entertainment and free online games you have to ride with him, not only on the plane, but will accept participation in races. You can do Calimero winner of the coolest race on his sports car, if you ride carefully and avoid all obstacles.

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