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Games Curling has only recently become an Olympic sport, but has already won millions of fans. Become a member and they played some virtual games.

Curling was known many centuries ago in Scotland. In our time, this game was a sport and included in the Olympic program. Curling game - a team game, and refers to the winter sports. Most often, the team takes part four. For it will need an ice platform, shells and sticks. On the playing field there is a cavity, which specifically separated. Putter, each player in turn launches a projectile that he was approaching the marked area. The main task - to calculate the force of impact of the projectile stick, so he went out of bounds. A riding skill of the enemy is considered a shell, push from the target. The game of curling is interesting, but not easy, because you must not just think through the moves, but to be able to stay on the ice, enjoy the agility and strength count. Not everyone can go to a specialized court to practice the ability to throw projectiles. But in the free online games it can make any. It is necessary to choose the game and start a team. Online games do not require a good fitness level of the player, and only the ability to control the mouse. Therefore, even the girls can push the shells. If your shot hits the center of the target, you will get the highest score. To do this, you are given only six attempts. The free online games, as opposed to the real curling, you can use the laser pointer. After pointing the crosshair by moving it with the mouse, you'll see the power indicator. When his band will be in the right place for you, we can only make a click and release the puck on track. Watch the behavior of their shells, with the number of points to be always ahead of his opponent, because he has the same goal. When you are to feel confident on the field, playing with a virtual opponent, you can gather your friends and have a real tournament. If you close the virtual characters and rivals, then you expect the era of the dinosaurs, which can also play with you. SpongeBob will also be trying to throw a projectile at a target, which is the octopus.

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