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If a difficult situation arises in front of you, you can always find a couple of characters who are willing to risk everything and come to your aid, punishing the offender, destroying enemies and avoiding catastrophe. And it was such characters and are Kiba and Kumba, which collected the game zazaplay on our website. These are two monkeys with a fondness for adventure and always ready to help. They are so friendly, always go to adventure alone together and you have to manage them in turn, passing the dangerous areas on the way each monkey. Nice to look at how to cope with a smile monkey with all the difficulties on the way. You will be a few parts of the game Kiba and Kumba, with whom you will be taken on a fascinating journey. Kiba and Kumba - representatives of the royal family of the monkey kingdom. They serve a good example for his subjects, doing everything correctly and firmly. They can not prevent atrocities on its own territory and, therefore, personally sent to the solution of each problem. Once he settled in the kingdom penguin scientist who decided to carry out their experiments. And very soon the nature of change and the sky began to drip green raindrops, harming plants and animals. And of course, Kiba and Kumba went to the laboratory in order to stop these experiments, helping in the way the bushes, hiding them from the poison rain. All management is done with the mouse monkey, which need to click on the various subjects interacting with them. Is every time an object that allows you to hide the plant, and only then go on your way. Very soon, you will once again play with Kiba and Pumbaa, because this Penguin again resumed his experiments, reviving refrigerators. They immediately stole all subjects and we have to go to their rescue. Rather, open the game Kiba and Kumba and help monkey couple to cope with the threat. Once again we can see how the pair acting together, resisting the insidious refrigerators. But very soon the queen has been kidnapped and the king should as soon as possible to rescue her from captivity ice cave. Continuing his dangerous journey alone, the king can move all the stolen animals that give him great joy. Be ready to meet even with a snowman, which must be overcome. And when all the enemies are eliminated, you will be faced with the main villain - penguin game Kiba and Kumba. Vizvoliv queen, you have to bring it to life and then come to the aid of all the animals of the kingdom, of which you were able to save.

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