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All the girls who have ever looked wonderful series about fairies Winx, of course, familiar with little fluffy favorite of the fairies Bloom, which she presented to the parents. Charming and talkative rabbit Kiko is very cute and fall in love at first sight and forever, probably because of all the characters he most memorable, which is why with it created a lot of online games and videos. Being next to his favorite mistress, he never knew of attention deficit and surplus adventure since adventure lay in wait for girls everywhere, and Bloom never forgot about your pet. Games online Kiko made ​​in order to let you know what adventures await Kiko at every step, and even away from his mistress charming bunny is easy to cope with the obstacles in its path. Now after many unusual tests, it does no longer afraid of the set of terrible creatures, and now does not fall into a swoon at the sight of danger. Becoming a real pixie, magic rabbit found its start, but remained as sweet and fluffy, as before, in games you have to see it as before conversion and after. Feeling fairy, you have to become even his happy owner, except that even pixie need attention and care, so you need to make great efforts to the rabbit was still happy. Being very agile, a rabbit is not only involved in the adventures of Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora and Tecna, and plays when it is a sufficient amount of time. And in the pursuit of his favorite delicacy, in general, it has no equal, it is not surprising, because the rabbits in nature to run fast, but pixies can also fly. You know that Bloom is very attached to his furry friend and is afraid to leave him alone for a long time, however, the rabbit came to you in good hands, and Bloom is no cause for concern, as she realizes that you are very careful. Himself Kiko also very glad to new friends and I'm sure you did not hurt, so happy to play with you. Kiko Leprosy is very often the cause of fun, fun, and sometimes dangerous consequences, so you have to be alert and protect the rabbit when it is needed. Game Kiko will take you straight into the magical world of Winx and will give new experience, because now you will not only look the part, but also to participate in the adventures of the charming Fluffy.

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