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Games Kim 5 plus introduce you to the team supershpionok, in which the clave is a wonderful agent Kim

About this simple girl have some fun online games. If you look at them, learn a bit more about it. She's a real excellent student, while it has a lot of hobbies and she likes to dance in a support group. And sometimes she saves the earth from the treacherous criminals. If you do not believe that such women exist, just found myself next to her in one of the adventure. She has a few friends, with whom she always gets into any alteration. Kim 5-plus to cope more quickly with its mission, if you go near and helps in all jobs. You go into a terrible dungeon, you will be able to ride a skateboard or snowboard. And she knows how to fight, you yourself surprised by this and want to learn some tricks from her. She has a loyal team, which includes a couple of friends - it's just a simple guy, Ron and intelligent child prodigy Wade. You will be interested to go along with them in the investigation of the theft, you will have to look after this precious relic to return it to the museum of the city. However, in Kim online game you have to spy on suspects, move and fight with the villains. Free to play these games you can on this page all day while you're not open all the secrets and crimes and save the world from enemies. Kim is very kind and likes to help everyone. It has many advantages such as the ability to run fast, jump high and cleverly, and pass obstacles. For lovers of style and fashion girl find a few outfits, because one she goes to school, it is a usual clothes, she goes in another dangerous adventure, but this requires equipment superspy.

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