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The Clarence games you will meet with a gay character, which awaits many adventures

One day, a boy named Clarence moved to a new school, and he had to start his life anew, to find new friends and get used to quite a different order because the new place, everything is in accordance with long- established traditions, and the newcomers have to adapt to such circumstances. Despite the support of the parents is still very difficult, because the schools do not like newcomers in particular those who have already won there the authority, but Clarence is very friendly and optimistic boy who loves fun and parties, so it is very quickly found friends among peers and classmates, and let them not so much, but Clarence knows that they will never leave him in the lurch. Clarence often invents a fun and invites you to take part in them. Now it's your turn to take part in the games Clarence, who, by the way, is always different from each other, and sometimes lead to amusing consequences with which the boy cope with a bang, as never lose heart and incredible courage overcomes all obstacles. In addition, Clarence studying in fourth grade and he will certainly have to go to school and learn lessons, but even there he finds time for entertainment. A Clarence innate curiosity drives him and his friends for new adventures and discoveries. Game Clarence reflect the entire world surrounding the boy and his friends - Jeff and Sumo, who are always ready for new adventures and entertainment. Chubby -cheeked lad will not leave indifferent neither boys nor girls, because it is so much infect his optimism, joy and gladness, that the games seem so simple at first glance, are chem-to unique and fun with every moment more, as it does in Clarence own life. And, of course, every game with this fun little boy is better than the previous one, as in the days of the life of Clarence. Playing, you can learn to see the world as himself, Clarence, more vivid colors, and learns the boy a genuine optimism and the ability to see the joy in the little things that are very, very important because the reasons for joy we must be able to seek, even in familiar things, and then The world can become a wine- purple or neon- green or any other color that you like. Clarence, Jeff and Sumo, as well as other characters of the animated series are waiting for you to participate in an incredibly positive adventures, competitions and entertainment that will bring you to the characters as close as possible.

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