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Sometimes we do not see the obvious all around us, in Kadik school, everything is exactly as it was there that occur the mysterious phenomena associated with the virtual world of Lyoko. All heroism which periodically exhibit the usual school students go unnoticed, because the truth sounds on the verge of science fiction, and even if you try to tell someone the boys stumble upon a misunderstanding of the share by the authorities and services. Therefore, it is very a long time have to cope without help, and while they are very successful. Uyrih, Yumi, Odd, Jeremy and Aelita coordinated team both in normal and in the virtual world, but no one suspected that fate will bring them together. Many disasters and so go unnoticed because the boys deliberately unwound time ago, after all falls into place. The starting point for the activities of the children became computer found in an abandoned factory, only now launching it led not only to the discovery of the virtual world, but also to awaken strange computer virus - Xena. And this virus is aimed not that other, as in the destruction of all mankind, with Xena's insidious plans are changed each time. Having virtualization process, the appearance of the characters change, each of them appears the weapon, open superpowers, but Lyoko it's not just toys, and remedies. Only one of the characters, which you will not see on Lyoko is Jeremy, but not because he is a coward, but only because in the virtual world, he is the best guide, and as a computer genius is indispensable for control. Sometimes the characters are able to sacrifice themselves, and the risk of such victims considerable, since it is possible to stay in the virtual space of a prisoner for a long time, as Aelita, who spent many years there. Restraining gusts Xena guys endanger yourself and sometimes destruction is aimed directly at themselves and recognize the virus in a person, and even more so it is very difficult to close friend. But united against one enemy forces indestructible team. Have you ever tried to work in a team, a team of amazing virtual heroes? Now it's just to play enough in Lyoko Code, it is a gap in the virtual world through a conventional computer. Playing, you become part of the team and the owner of the most important secret that a lot of unhappiness are a party, because on the protection of the world is a close-knit team.

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