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Recently, flash games are becoming increasingly popular in the society. Among these can be found online entertainment as classic board games like "Scrabble", and more complex strategies."Contra" was moved to the virtual space of the world to his console. As a result, play contra online love and those of her former life is not known. It should be noted, "Contra" highly evolved, but has not ceased to be less fun, interesting and exciting. Play contra online is absolutely free.Due to change the interface, playing dissent was less tiring to the eyes. Play contra online nice also because it has acquired new shapes game graphics. The rest of the game, like two drops, similar to its popular ancestor. Starting to play in counter, a person can go through more than a dozen different missions, fully immersed in the gameplay.Play contra online with easy. The main goal of the game - to get to the designated destination, and at the same time to kill as many enemies. Each level is more difficult to the previous one, but the player himself has the ability to augment their strength, taking away dead enemy weapons, supplies, first aid kits and other necessary things. The game "Contra" is simple and exciting, so to play like boys dissent from eight to eighty.

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