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Somewhere in a parallel reality exists in our city Monstropolis, and different from all the cities of the earth only because there live monsters. In Monstropolis they find work, give birth to the family, having fun, but the most important thing is that they are entirely dependent on our world. The fact that the most prestigious place of work for monsters - Fear Factory to get to work you need to graduate. Previously, as the electricity used monsters screaming children, so specially trained monsters came through the door closets in the children's room and frightened children, charging cylinders their cries. For many years there was a city Monstropolis, but then the children of our world have almost ceased to be afraid of monsters, and it was fraught with the energy crisis. While, in principle, and now the factory of fear worked in a couple of Mike Wazowski and James P Sullivan, while Sally successfully frightened children, Mike charged cylinders. At some point, Sally ripped off evil plans Vodonoga director who wanted to charge the cylinders, stealing children and using them krikovyzhimalku specially hidden in a secret room of fear factory. Sally was in the factory when the time for scared already passed, and the door remains in the shop, although this should not be, looking around the room for the presence of monsters stuck there, Sally inadvertently released the girl from the world of people in the world of monsters. But Monstropolis children is not the place, because it was thought that they carry a terrible and incurable infection, and nothing better than to put the girl in the Sally bag did not come up. So, the girl that Mike and Sally later named Boo, appeared in the life of friends. Thanks to Mike and Sally found that children laugh gives much more power, check the cries of fear, and it forever changed the principle of energy production. Now the factory fear everything is different - electricity is still produced from our world, but now the laughter of children, and now you can become a participant in the life of monsters thanks to online games. Monsters, Inc. - games online that will take you into the mysterious world of monsters, monsters and show a life totally unfamiliar with the hand. Here you'll meet Mike and Sully, and a girl Boo, who is very friendly with monsters, since visited Monstropolis.

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