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Everything in our world is created from the four elements: fire, water, earth and air, many years ago, Avatar Aang, wielding the magic of all the elements has created a republic that combines all four of the nation, all live in peace and understand each other. But after seventy years the world has changed and people began to quarrel, magical powers were used magicians to entertain and commit crimes. But the birth of the next Avatar should return everything to normal, however, rise to forces and learn to manage them need a lot of time, but seventeen girl Corra successfully deal with it. Of course, she is young, ambitious and utterly inexperienced, and the move to the big city and all gave the girl a lot of reasons to exercise and less time to spend more on entertainment. However, it depends on it further life of the country, and many have high hopes that it will be able to restore the balance, and the girl desperately tries but possessing explosive and restless temper it is very difficult to master the most tranquil of the elements: air. Corra unable to sit still, and all attempts to pacify the tutor girl, calling her to be calm and relaxed, do not always end well. And as any character that can change the world for the better, at Qurra have enemies, and because of them the girl is constantly exposed to the danger, but her stubbornness is invincible, and Corra willing to take risks in order to find your way, complete training and become for all example. The dedication of the girls is only admiration, and her leprosy, even if sometimes dangerous, but it is quite understandable, because it is not only a magician, but also people, besides still not old enough to make informed decisions. Game The Legend of Korra will be interesting not only to fans of the series, but also to all those who understand that life is varied and unpredictable. With Corrie you have to overcome many obstacles, solve a lot of problems, and it is an exciting experience will bear fruit. Help, which is required Corre will continue to take the right decisions, and the rest of the series heroes gladly will prompt you the way in which you need to move, killing the demons on their way. Despite the fact that Korra has grown virtually locked up, she's a girl, and not averse to show off, so in addition to the dangerous adventures await you play directly related to the image of the girl. Try to do well in all the games, and you will understand that to be in place Qurra very difficult, and her requests for assistance are understandable and justified, because everything suddenly became a new and surprising to her.

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