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Games Kotopes - introduced us to the unusual animals that have parts of both cat and dog.

You really love animals, but your parents allow you to have only a cat, or just the dog? Then you just need to get acquainted with the hero of these online games. In one united body of two animals - a cat and a dog. Now they are forced to live together, although we all know that this is the most vehement opponents. But how fun would watch their adventures in free online games you can also participate in them. Help this original creature named Kotopes get out of complicated situations. Kotopes one side is the dog's head, and the other - a cat. It would seem that two heads are better than one. But the dog is very naive and cunning and clever cat. Therefore, they often do not agree in their desires and goals. Kotopes lives in a very original house and fish bones. On this page you can find a variety of online games genre with this fun character. Once Kotopes decided to eat, and for that he needs to sneak to the food plant. Its protection is angry rabbit, which will not give food to our hero. If you can collect enough food, you find yourself on a new level and okuneshsya in new adventures. Play online with Kotopsom incredibly fun. As already mentioned, the cat is very intelligent and loves to set puzzles. Do you love to put puzzles? Then he will come up to you not just a game, but a real brain teaser. You need to collect the pieces of pictures online, answering questions. How closely you watched the cartoon about Kotopsa, many fragments of the picture you will.

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