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Little Red Riding Hood character who needs no introduction, as familiar to everyone from the very cradle. Known since ancient times folklore, Little Red Riding Hood left a mark in the hearts of people all over the world because of its history teaches us to be brave, but cautious. Little Red Riding Hood, which is not afraid of the woods alone, constantly getting new hero cartoons and even movies, and try on the image of her dream of almost every girl. It is no wonder that it is now Red Hat has become the protagonist games. Constant red headdress, whether cap, hat, cap or bonnet makes it recognizable among the huge number of fabulous characters. Because the girl has fallen the many trials that changed her concept of everyday life, it is now just a girl longs for a new adventure, even if they are fraught with many dangers and unexpected obstacles on the way. Whether it's the intricate mazes, which were formed in the forest, because of the strange, magic spells, or hedge, suddenly appeared on the road, Little Red Riding Hood accurately find the way to her grandmother, and not get lost in the dense forest undergrowth. But when Little Red Riding Hood spends time at home, away from the problems, then it is trying not to get bored and come up with their own variety of entertainment for themselves and their friends, which is rare, but still come to visit the girl. And because the entertainment at her house not so much as it may seem, the girl has to come up with games that she can play even staying alone. For example, in the collection of games Little Red Riding Hood, day after day come replenishment, and when it's time to give them a name, the girl decided to call their own name. Now you have the opportunity to participate in the adventures of Little Red Riding Hood, and still play the game Little Red Riding Hood, who so painstakingly prepared the girl. Puzzles and other puzzles that made ​​the girl herself, you will open a new image of the heroine known fairy tale. Perhaps some of the tasks a little surprise you, but be lenient, because the girl a lot of ideas submitted animals and birds. And sometimes, when Little Red Riding Hood closes his eyes, then re- enters the fairy forest, and diving into the world of adventure, which is now available not only to her but also to you as soon as you decide to play. Tests and puzzles this is not far from everything that you have to face as Little Red Riding Hood - terrible fashionista, then you'll have to collect it on the various activities that are part of her everyday life.

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