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Where's My Water? In games you will help sweet crocodiles perform complex tasks and to get to their favorite toys.

As a child, everyone thinks that crocodiles are very evil and dangerous animals. But this is as long as you do not get to know this lovely Where's My Water?. Once play this Disney game online, you can not ever forget it, because it's so attractive. And most of his favorite hobby - a splash in the water. After all, he was born and raised in the pond, so imagine his life on land difficult. Games crocodile Swamp online about Disney Company has created for many platforms, they can also play on the phones, but for free you can have fun with it in this section of the online games. Swamp lives in the underworld, he likes to walk through the sewers, and yet he found a nice girlfriend - duck. There just are not fun, they come up with. You will be able, together with crocodiles build a bridge, to arrange boat races, and can even manage a small plane. But when the Swamp tired of such dangerous and exciting adventures, you'll be able to redeem it in your favorite bath foam to deliver a cute crocodile dirt. Together with the charming alligator in the online games you can learn how to repair the pipe, and fight the enemy Cranko. He had his eye on Swamp girlfriend Ellie wants to discourage. Therefore, you have to protect them from this pompous tyrant. Swamp likes to help his friends, such as the frog. She uchuvstvuet in sports competitions and crocodile will be rooting for her to jump for distance. Jump through the alligators so fun and funny, collect power-ups and more profitably. The main thing is not to fall into the water. Once Swamp even get in a medieval castle, but he immediately attacked by monsters, which at first glance look like crocodiles. You can get together to fight with the envoys of the sorcerer and win. In order to expel all the enemies should explore all the rooms and corridors of the castle, so as not to miss a single enemy. Just then the king will thank you for saving his home.

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