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Rabbits are one of the most fun and cute little animals. They were so interesting to watch, and free online games you can play a game of adventure in the role of a small rabbit. In online games, the rabbits will not just run and jump, and collect power-ups to travel. You'll have to deal with the salvation of a cute rabbit, which by its naivety in trouble. He can die if you do not watch him and not help. under the feet of the Rabbit are formed pits, ravines and mountains, which you need to jump. This cute animal is just scared. What rabbit likes to do all the time - so it is jumping. Therefore, online games and jumping rabbits often need to do it quickly and permanently. You can see a rabbit on a bicycle, but not enough to just watch him and try to hold the rabbit on the road, so he did not get injured. With funny rabbit can play online Dress. Free online games are attractive because they can be selected infinitely way for a rabbit. If you do not like any item of clothing of the hero, then with just one click, you can replace it. Although the rabbit and the animal, but he also likes to look good, especially krolik- girl. They are very mobile, so fond of active sport. A rabbit will be roller-skating in the free online game and the other a jump or go for a walk through the rainforest. For rabbits, keep an eye to animal got safely to the finish line, or your home. Other more extreme rabbits decided to ride with the wind on the car. The track is not always pleasant and smooth, so the trace with them. When the rabbit is hungry, feed him delicious fruits can be. But first they must catch with the help of special tools. Moves your character in the online game for free, so as not to miss any of the edible object. Rabbits are fast, but not very agile without your control. They are ready to go to any adventure, but sometimes it is necessary to save the rabbit from the chase or from the water. The free online game rabbits will jump out of the windows, under which there is a swimming pool. It is necessary to make sure that none of the bunny did not get into the water.

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