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Help the Emperor to save his kingdom, breaking all the intrigues in the Cusco games

Ruler be good - no need to work, to earn money too. He sits on the throne and govern their subjects. That's what people think, it is far from the government. But it turns out, and the rulers of a large number of problems, but at least the Emperor Cuzco, who always solves problems and gets into adventures. Against him constantly plotting the opposition, trying to take his place, having obtained it illegally. And of course, do not she wants to help people, but for their own selfish purposes. This opposition in games Cuzco ism appears constantly comes up with new intrigues to seize power in their hands. And that it makes the life of the Emperor rich and full of adventures, not giving him a whole day to spend for papers. Due to this the Emperor is always full of energy, cheerful and happy, and boldly look into the face of danger. Olympic Games Cuzco loves most, judging by what we see in Cusco online games. Competitions on the treadmill, he always wins, ahead in the hard struggle of his eternal rival Kronk, who constantly helps Ishmael, reducing the chances of winning the emperor. You have to help the emperor to make the right decisions to save the country from destruction. Use three flasks with potions that are able to change the face of Cusco, helping him avoid hazards on the road. Continuing its movement, you also need to collect stars and different game bonuses. Do not stop the run as long as does not win in the game to play for free Cusco. You also waiting for other adventure games Emperor Cuzco aimed at to make your pastime more enjoyable. You are waiting for exciting racing on highways Pinball path running through the gates of hell and the abyss, the eternal pursuit of his opponent Isms. Also you can try a different puzzle, puzzles, in which you'll have to put pictures of characters Cusco games. And you'll get a special mission to save the llamas, which Ishmael turned the game in Cusco vicious animals.

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