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Create several new inventions, along with Dexter in his secret underground laboratory

Dexter's Laboratory - a wonderful cartoon, released in the United States and rasskazyvavayuschy the brilliant boy who created his laboratory. Dexter has a sister named Dee Dee, that his mind has gone in the opposite direction from his brother. Actions multifilma Dexter's Laboratory and games take place in a normal city in America, where there is a house of the hero Dexter. Parents, Dexter and his sister - the main characters of the animated series, and tied around which all the episodes. Boy built a secret laboratory enormous size, placing it under the ground. Almost all stories begin during the next experiment, our intelligent boy, after which our genius makes every effort to eliminate the consequences of a failed invention. His lab Dexter tries to hide from others, but his nasty sister was able to learn about it and now it pulls strongly, inducing chaos in the laboratory. Start playing Dexter's Laboratory, helping the boy to create something new and certainly discourage walking to the lab of his sister. During the game you have to catch the chickens in the house to look for the missing robot and destroy huge eyes, came out from under the control. During the breaks you can drive in the laboratory on motorcycles, competing with her sister. Experiments - a dangerous occupation, and often do not go as planned, so you should be able to provide assistance in order to heal the wounds of our inventor.

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