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Ice Age 3 games created based on the cult cartoon "Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs." Adventures take place with the participation of saber-toothed squirrel who has ever lost an acorn. During the ice age 3 games will always have to be saved from terrible predators of the time and collect the fruit to eat. By the way fruit should be collected as much as possible, get points for it. Play Ice Age 3 with brisk and jumpy squirrel is not hard, it's easy to make stocks of fruit and vegetables in case the bad times will come. Ice Age games filled with sparkling humor online, take at least animal unknown nationality named Sid. He regularly breaks off jokes, weird fights and runs completely unique way, zakruzhivaya himself up in front of stars. Sid the sloth is constantly produces heart-rending cries, and occasionally loses consciousness. But the next moment the ice age 2 games, he reiterated tirelessly running on snow-covered valleys, destroying dangerous insects and solve simple puzzles. But not only for these two characters you have to play. The developers added to the game ice age 3, and even a turtle trader who traded the cherry on the different currencies and values, as well as saber-toothed tiger Diego. However before Diego can be controlled, you have an ice age 3 games to go through several stages with tasks. Play Ice Age 3 is very exciting, fun adventure company in the new version just start with a bang. Having discovered under the ice of a mysterious world populated by dinosaurs, tropical, they recklessly steal some prehistoric eggs. Ice Age Games Online - is a classic arcade with running about the caves and through the gap, to solve puzzles. Fascinating picture of a global catastrophe, a looming ice and slippery snow drifts - all this will happen during the desperate race for the nuts in the ice age 2 games. Do not give up their favorite heroes of the game ice age 3 can, if you regularly play in the Ice Age 3. The undisputed leader of People's Choice Award is an abnormal protein Skrat. For many users it again and again to play in the ice age 3 games. On our site you will find most interesting and exciting games online ice age, which is constantly updated and supplemented by new versions. Connect the ice age 2 games can be a mouse click by clicking on a picture game.

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