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All, without exception, children like designers, even your parents when they were young were certainly happy owners of this miracle of the toy industry. Of course, we are talking about Lego, the most famous for many - many years. Just at the time when the Lego play your parents, everything was simpler and easier, the maximum that could build a house with a lawn in front of him. Every boy, and that tearing, many girls like and want a miracle - set to build a castle for a princess, or modify the robot. The company grew, and now features in Lego is much more you can build a whole city with houses, cars, helicopters, make a reality of all the children's dreams that once seemed so distant and unattainable. Heroes, which we see in the sensational cartoons and movies easily recreated in the form of figures, which can be played, and the opportunities to make their living big set. Only now after all this almost can not keep up, and before you gather new toy, the company has already released something new and incredibly attractive, but throw the thing half way - this is not good, so you're sure to get things done, and this, as you know, a long and laborious process. Even the most responsible architects and builders rely deserved break, and now you can easily relax, without leaving their favorite characters. Lego games online, this is not only an opportunity to collect designer, but also to play with the ready-made characters, who live in the virtual world, and waiting for you as an assistant and adventurer. Grand Series Lego City, Star Wars and many others are available for the game completely free, as opposed to those that are on store shelves. Especially heroes of the virtual world is not worse than the present, except that control them several times easier, because every mouse click and there is an action hero. If you are afraid to lose some of the details, from the online Lego games, you are not threatened, because all the parts are always at hand, and the possibilities are the same, or to be more precise, they are even more. Playing, you find yourself in a world of Lego, which certainly will not leave you indifferent, because it is full of surprises. You can choose the characters, which saw in the cartoons Lego or on store shelves, and perhaps even those that you already have.

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