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Everyone, without exception, a girl has ever dreamed to become a real witch to literally wave of a magic wand formed mountains of ice cream, sweets and new clothes. Of course, in real life this can not be found, but in a world full of fantasy creatures, it is not so surprising. And our little heroine Little Charmers live in that, a fairy-tale world where you can find not only the witches, but also the invisible people, dwarfs, dragons and even a great number of those who can not be found on the next street. Of course, in a world that just breathes magic full -powerful witches and wizards, but, like any skill, magic, too, is not given immediately. In Charmville know it all, so the wizards with the experience carefully hone their magic, seeking perfection, but the beginning just try their first spell of trial and error. Little Charmers are just such, novice witch, and in spite of the ability to bring their spells in action, they do not always do it right, and sometimes simply can not determine the extreme manifestation of the spell. So, inseparable friends often find themselves in situations that can be solved only together and listening to each other. All the girls their wands, which also have some magical properties. Posey should play on his stick as the flute, to spell worked, but in a stick Lavender razed potion that finds a way out, only when used. Hazel, in turn, has a wand that does not require such skills as that of her friends, but it can only be used it as sticks attached to his master. Despite the environment, witches remain small, so like that tend ordinary girls: ice cream, dancing, entertainment, and of course they adore their pets. Surely you know and remember who of the girls belong to the owl who the cat and who is the little dragon. Hard to believe that someone can become a dragon pet, but it's true. If you want to try yourself as a little witch, but now is the time, because the game Little Charmers will reveal to you all the secrets Charmvillya, and meet its inhabitants. Girls: Hazel Posey and Lavender, and their pets will be happy to show you the reverse side of the coin magic, and life in the wizarding world.

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