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Several beautiful girls joined together in the same group, to do good and to fight evil. They do this not with weapons, but with the help of music. History begins with the fact that Lolirok group began to look for a third girl, who is just as good as her beautiful voice and good looks. All the girls little princess of the good of the country. They have a lot of talent, not only related to singing. Girls love fashion and therefore their cases are not closed by the abundance of clothes. After all, they need to be on stage. The free online game you will be convinced of this by yourself. At each performance the girl has a special way. But you can make your adjustments and surprise unexpected decision princesses. Meet with each separately in a baby free online games, where you need to choose clothes and hairstyles. And look at them all together in other online games, such as puzzles. It is necessary to assemble a picture piece by piece to see this merry company. These superheroine ready to go on tour around the world and the fans have a lot, because women have such magical voices. Some even think they were from outer space. Iris dreams of becoming the most famous, and you will see this in the online game, when you choose clothes for her. When she sings, the real magic takes place. It is not accidentally fell into the group when she heard about the casting. It turned out that it was part of a trio, but was gone for some time. Now they renewed their concerts and travel. The oldest of the trio of girls - is Talia. She was very well versed in the power of evil, but still it is not alien to fashion and trends in clothing, so the free online game you have to dress her up, improving the image. All three girls have magical knowledge and love all sorts of spells. They use it in the fight against evil forces. The biggest enemy of them - Hemorrhoids, who tries to win the lovely princess.

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