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Not everyone likes to make work. There is a category of people - lazy people who do not go to work in the mine or factory. And they live at the expense of others, trying to rob someone. They call them thieves. They are not afraid to go to jail for their adventure, because one day will still be caught. It happened with the characters of online games nimble thieves. A couple of friends got into a trap on his last case. They were in prison, but their freedom was waiting for one event and now thieves want to get out, to complete it. At this the smartest couple have a plan to get out of jail, but they do not have a reliable person, who controlled them and helped achieve the desired. The free online game you will become a party to the time of the criminal gang, it's illegal occupation - to escape from detention. A couple of clever thieves and burly little man can do a lot on the loose, so therefore they need to leave the walls of the prison. That was not scared one to break the law, call to his friend, then you can choose your character and start the game for them. The pair of thieves should help each other, but together they will cope with the task. The free online game Nimble thieves main objective is of course the robbery. Your heroes must collect all the bags of coins, which will see on your way, because they like the professionals, a good eye on that. Come Online in all levels of this couple is selected from each trap and opens the door, while not missing bags of gold. you'll get smarter, so the job will become more complex with each level. There will be dangerous lasers, which can cause security immediately, if you get a red bar. Shorty is useful because it is lightweight, it can be used to jump high and press the lever that opens the door or lower the platform. A heavyweight cope with other tasks, so nothing could be more valuable than the mutual assistance in this matter. Your heroes are fine for what you put one on your head to the other. Therefore, though this online game looks like a walker, you'll have a lot to think about ways to help the two deft pilferers.

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