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In games Luntik we spend time Society unusual character who has come to us from the Moon

About Luntik no one knew until recently, but now he just rolls off the tongue children. Once it became known that from the moon to Earth dropped some funny creature, all just started talking about it. Fuzzy purple with big ears - so it first saw the residents of the clearing by the lake. They decided that he lunar bee and began to call him Luntik. A couple of bees took him to live with himself and began to teach Luntik earthly affairs. Our main character is so good that he has a lot to learn. Worth seeing several series of cognitive cartoons like Luntik immediately become a favorite hero and want to play with him in the games. They were there a lot and they are all free on this site. Choose a theme adventure - puzzles, search for items or differences, and spending time in the company for the benefit of the clever hero. If you want something simpler, you can open an online coloring book and come up with Luntik and his friends new images. Luntik never sits in one place, so every day gets into any adventure and draws them his friends. This lovely ladybird, grasshopper Kuzma and earth bee. This cheerful company, they are most often found in online games. When Luntik entertain bored, he diligently studied mathematics and teaches letters. You can with him to solve the examples to learn reading and writing, developing together with our hero. Also Luntik pleasure to introduce you to the English alphabet in the form of a game. It tells you how to pronounce the sounds, words and write them down. It will be a great help for students who have not given this foreign tongue in the classroom. In between such complex tasks, Luntik loves to eat well. But as he recently lives here and does not know what items and products are edible, and what - no. So you have to educate our lunar bee and tell you what you can taste. Luntik very responsive and always helping people in the clearing. When the disaster struck and the bees need help litter pollen, then Luntik first run with a basket to collect pollen. Control its movements to the pollen fell right into the basket. Once Luntik have to save the forest from the loss of paints, which are depicted in the form of multi-colored chips, collecting them in a chain of three or more pieces of the same color. Free search for differences in the pictures with their favorite characters, or create a picture of the fragments, as well as look for important objects can be in this section of the online games.

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