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Malifisenta repeatedly appeared as on screens in movies, cartoons, and even in the series, and many of her appearances say that the hero entangled mysteries and puzzles, and until the end it is impossible to identify all of its magical skills and abilities. We only know that the heroine has come to us from the fairy tale"Sleeping Beauty", its distinctive feature - a horn on his head, and a lifetime spent on Malifisenta magical marshes, hardly communicating with people. In fact Maleficent positive character, and if you look closely, you'll see it. Of course, Malifisenta imposed a terrible curse on the girl named Aurora, when she was still an infant, and even hidden deep in the woods Princess Aurora was not able to avoid it. Anger Malifisenty the girl was understandable, since Aurora 's father - King Stephen gave fairy, cutting off of the fairy wings, which, according to one version, the warmth of life. Yes, with or without wings, Malifisenta is still a fairy, just her loss overshadowed all the good to which it is capable, and darkness enveloped the fairy, the exclusion of all confidence in the people. Living in the marshes with his faithful servant and friend - a black Diavalem, fairy nowhere to show their kindness and caring, yet in her life did not appear Aurora, which suddenly awakened in her a ray of light. Being a queen in the swamp, Malifisenta wanted revenge so badly that no one could stop her, or persuade. Of course, the love of Aurora Malifisenty destroyed all the germs of hatred, and a fairy realized that the girl herself in no way to blame, but for Aurora father's mistakes should not respond, because it is quite different. And more interesting, because some Malifisente credited with the ability to take others for Dragon, and some say that she can contact them. Some argue that Malifisentu can revive from the ashes, and some that all its strength in the wings, as they say, that can not be killed once Malifisentu as her soul may live long alone. This mysterious veil enveloping character, can dissipate for you, if you start to play online games Malifisenta. You will find a fascinating journey to the Marshes, which governs Malifisenta many years, will have to go through the mazes and obstacles faced by characters in real life. Fairy you slightly open the veil of his life, and even show your wardrobe and makeup, because beauty is not foreign to anyone, and even Malifisente have to resort to tricks to look good.

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