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After moving to the big city Blythe Baxter acquired a lot of new friends, and this number includes not only people who suddenly began to surround Blythe, but also their favorite pets, because suddenly the girl opened new abilities. Now, Blythe began to understand the language of animals and the life of newly made friends the girls became much easier, since the problems faced by animals when they can not be overcome, and now you can safely lay on the shoulders of courageous Blythe, who is ready to jump into the fire and water for the sake of their young and sometimes defenseless friends. I must admit that she trusted not unreasonably, as a girl more than once rescued her little brothers when they needed her help, overcoming their fears and doubts. Small pet store, which employs Blythe, does not sell animals, and provides customers the food and products for pets, as well as the girl seriously engaged in design, it can be found on the shelves of clothing line, which has created a very Blythe, saving the store from closing. More"Littlest Pet Shop"serves as a kind of rest home for animals, which is always happy to see their guests. Surprisingly, friends will never quarrel, though they are representatives of very different kinds: panda, lizard, gecko, skunk, hedgehog, monkey, mongoose, panda and a little dog. Meeting them was a long time ago, when the"Littlest Pet Shop"was the only one in the city and this is where Penny Ling, Winnie, Pepper, Russell, Minka, Zoe and Sunil met for the first time and since then, almost inseparable. They not only play together, at a time when the owners are not close, but also help each other as they can, at the time when Blaise busy with something else. Shoulder to shoulder with the only person who understands them, pets overcome many different obstacles that confront the machinations of twins Britney and Whitney, and now the game Littlest Pet Shop gives you the opportunity to participate in the life of friendly characters. Jobs Blythe and her friends sometimes associated with life pet store, which means that you will need to work together with the girl, and to prepare pupils for the various activities. Sometimes, in the subjects of games you will meet the game, which came up with herself Blythe or any of our brethren to play all together in a small pet store. Once Blaise knew nothing about her vocation, but now all her doubts dissipated, perhaps playing with friends Blythe and help you to choose your path.

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