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Games will take you to a small kingdom in a fantasy realm where you meet the locals

Who has not dreamed as a child to live in the kingdom. Let it not great, but its fantastic. If you can not in the real world to do this, then you should definitely watch the cartoon characters of a small Kingdom. They are designed so nice and kind, then you 'll feel like you're part of a small royal little family. In this story, you will get acquainted with the fairies and elves who live in their own world under the control of the king and queen thistle. They have become the proud parents of three pretty girls: Holly Poppy and Daisy. At the eldest daughter Holly has a best friend named Ben. About them and created a series of free online games The little kingdom. There you will find out that a couple of friends have an unusual pet - a ladybug Gaston. She has an interesting ability to bark, but while Gaston is able to fly. While children are young, and the king and queen are busy with more important things, looks after them Nanny Plum. She's a real fairy nurse who teaches magic and Holly manages to maintain order in the kingdom. Play online games for small kingdom is so much fun that you forget about other things while you're saving a picnic Holly and Ben, or collect them strawberries. The heroes of these games are endowed with an insane kindness, and you're no doubt proniknesh her. Each character on - their own interest, and each has its own character. A stay in a magical garden with Holly every fan should flash games, because it was full of magic and unforgettable experience. Get acquainted with all the characters of these unique free online games can be on the cards for the development of memory. Each depicts a cartoon character and, turning them you will remember the characters, then to find a pair of pictures. A couple of friends Holly and Ben so bored in this kingdom, that all the time find their adventure in the woods. One day you'll have to save them from the eggs, or follow the little hamster, which they received with the help of magic. You have to take care of him until the kids have not learned themselves in this difficult matter. A hamster would rather whimsical animals will have to watch out for his good mood and condition. The free online game with fantastic heroes small kingdom you want to learn something new, and this will help the tree of knowledge. Traveling with Holly and Ben, every kid learns new things.

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