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This little girl will conquer all his golden curls and a broad smile. You can look after her in the free online games. Follow this brisk little girl should be with all the responsibility. Here only you dressed her in a beautiful dress, and five minutes later she had fallen from a tree and now she urgently need medical assistance. To treat her leg from the wounds and scratches, because the little girl Alice loves to run and travel. Baby Aliska never stays home. In online games you go on holiday with her to the tent. In the forest, the trees she wants to spend their weekends. Help the girl put up a tent and attach it, then you must make a fire to cook dinner and keep warm. In addition to rest in the forest, baby Aliska loves the sea and all the games associated with the sand. You go to the beach in a free online game to spend time with the girl and pasochkami. Active Life sometimes leads to disease, because you can not follow the baby and she is sick. Sometimes it happens and baby Alice. But you can treat it quickly in the online games. An inquisitive baby Alice wants to cook a delicious cake, and the girls mother will teach her and you. At the beginning you go along to the grocery store. Search through the list of ingredients is not a difficult job for a pie. The main thing, then do the right thing in the kitchen girl and her mother to get a delicious pie. In Aleesk is the most important hobby - he loves to sew her dolls clothes, but in a free online game Aliska baby wants to sew a dress for his girlfriend. The girl has an outlet in the school and she did not buy another dress. Therefore, it is urgently necessary to dress in which she will go to the last school ball. Aliska had never sewed these clothes, so waiting for help from a more experienced person. On the farm you with many adventures awaiting baby associated with animals. She went with her sister to the farm and want to learn a lot, but at the same time as you are with them will learn the habits of the animals. The free online games baby Aliska surprise you with their diverse passions, and learn a lot, including care for the kids.

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