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The main character of free online games babe Daisy. This cute and graceful girl of interest to all who love adventure. And playing with baby Daisy can be trained childcare. The free online games babe Daisy will meet you at different ages. In one it is still quite a pipsqueak, you want to bathe, dress and feed. But the baby did not cry all the time, then entertained with toys and colorful objects. The main thing to do everything in sequence and then the baby will be happy. When Daisy baby grows up, you can see her in the kitchen. She loves to cook and do mom surprises, so he wanted to do cooking in the free online games. Baby Daisy will tell you the recipe, and share every stage of the preparation of a new dish. She will need special help in the store. To buy all the ingredients for cooking, Daisy needs to find them on the shelves in a supermarket. And with the current selection of products, it is easy to get confused. Like any girl, baby Daisy loves to dress up and her wardrobe full of dresses. A special place is occupied with the costumes for the holidays. Girl with trepidation relates to the Christmas holidays. Therefore, the New Year it is necessary to dress up in special costumes. The cabinet baby Daisy there and dresses, and pants, and a tee shirt. Everything is so bright that you can not just choose. And it is still possible to find hair ornaments and other accessories. The free online game Daisy's baby will get involved in gardening. She will go to the farm to his grandmother and wants to plant. Daisy a minute can not sit quietly. It is either going to the beach, or traveling with the family for a picnic in the woods. Everywhere the kid needs help. In online games, you can see how the baby Daisy grew from that moment, as she sat in a wheelchair before she became the nanny of his newborn sister. But, despite this, little Daisy was still a child, and she sometimes suffers. Heat or diseased teeth, all of which can spoil the mood of the baby. To the girl did not cry, it is necessary to give her medical attention immediately. Each time have to learn a new profession of doctor. But with the help of online games is not difficult navigation. Follow the prompts, use the tool and you soon babe Daisy is healthy. Another babe Daisy online game will show you how she is preparing a surprise for his friend. And she can not cope without your help.

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