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Every little kid loves to have fun and run and jump. But, it seems that baby Emma can do it for ten. Where is she just has not visited in his few years. Even her mother does not believe that such a baby can fit so much energy. If you want fun, or do you always dreamed of a little sister, the baby Emma will teach you responsibility and anxiety. But despite this, it is interesting to spend time in the free online games. The irrepressible nature of the girls will bring you to the zoo, where it can be just a visitor, and one day she wants to take the patronage of some animals. All summer vacation Aliska baby will help employees take care of the zoo dolphins, elephants and other animals. Together with the free online game you will cope with this task quickly and qualitatively. Sometimes you have to work in the fashion field, for creating beautiful outfits baby Emma. The free online games waiting for her special occasion. Her friend is getting married, and the girl has to be a witness at the wedding, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, not all baby has time to do herself. The girl needs help in choosing a ring for the young, must be ordered in a big beautiful cake for the couple and to have time to choose a chic outfit. Bridesmaids should look great, and a couple of online games focused on the fact that fully grasp the pre-wedding preparation, helping baby Emma. Baby Emma is dreaming about the tattoo, and you can pick up something childish and bright for her free online game. In the kitchen, baby Emma also feels like a fish in water. She's not afraid to try and experiment. The free online game baby Emma will show you the recipe of a favorite dish of her family. If cooking stages together with the girl, the cooking does not take much. Cooking become your favorite pastime. If the baby gets sick, Emma, in the online game you will have the necessary tools to cure it and make a healthy baby girl again. You 'll have to learn to understand the children's diseases and know how is treated the throat, nose and other organs of children. If baby Emma is healthy, it will be able to go to the free online game on a horse farm and look after the horses before riding on horseback.

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