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Games Baby Hazel will acquaint you with the beautiful girl, with which you can play and help her when she would need help.

Together with this funny babe Hazel in the free online games you can live the real life of a little girl. She is always a good mood, because my mother always monitors the status of the girl child and gives her a holiday every day. But recently, my mother the girl appeared little tot. Now baby Hazel will have to help his mother. The free online games Baby Hazel you will be with the main character to watch the baby, so he was always well fed, dressed and cheerful. It will be possible to drink a bottle, spoon-feed and dress in bright outfits, you can also play with the baby in the children's games. When little brother Hazel sleeps and walks with her mother, the girl there is a lot of interesting things. She likes to do crafts, to congratulate the parents with the holidays. In online games, you can learn how to cook their favorite dishes baby Hazel, because she will make thee a real master class on cooking in the kitchen. The girl had early become an adult, and now she can clean yourself in your room, prepare meals, and even walking. Her favorite places are Disneyland and dolphinarium. Still, the girl still has to go into the garden and play with their peers. Like any small child baby Hazel is often sick. You'll have to learn a few of the medical profession in the free online games to the baby Hazel cure various diseases. She loves sweets, so they often have to go to the dentist. Although the girl does not like to treat the teeth, you can quickly cure it with the help of special tools. Unfortunately, it often happens that the girl needed surgery or she has a fever. In what online games you have to do surgery and treat the flu. But when the baby Hazel will be healthy, you do not get bored with it. She likes to go on a picnic and call girlfriends for tea with delicious cakes, but the most fun adventure online baby hazel waiting on the beach. Neither party also will not pass by a girl. The free online game you can meet Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays merry. And for this you need to dress her in a funny outfit, cook dinner, or to lay the table.

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