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Ruby and Max is a charming pair of rabbits who live in the same house, because they are brother and sister, and just have to live under the same roof. They try not to swear, and I must admit, they are very successful mainly due diligence Ruby. Time after time, it shows an example of a good brother and behavior pattern of obedience, because she's older brother for several years, and really wants to, that he grew up a good rabbit. Only here with Max in this respect a different opinion probably it's because he is still small, and it is not interested in how to do the right thing, as long as the actions led to something interesting and unusual, or at least for sweets completion . Max often offended by his sister when she plays with her friends, which she had many, so little rabbit has to play alone, or just watching a play girls, but either way, Max is still to become a part of their game, no matter what . Sometimes, according to Ruby, Mac does everything wrong, and girl - rabbit indignant about this, but it still suffers because many times brother inadvertently rescued her and she coped with tasks around the house much more quickly than planned, although she was sure that Max only prevent it. Anyway, Max and Ruby are very fond of each other, and misunderstandings between them is most likely due to differences in age, not because of the attempts to spite each other, although from time to time it looks that way. They often play together, however, when Ruby is on this time, and Max is very like to play with my sister, even if the game does strange and intricate, Max simplifies them, and it seems that the game becomes even more fun. When rabbits feel sad, they are sent to their grandmother, who doted on them, and sometimes even supported in their amusements, and yet always treats goodies, be it ice cream or candy. She always helps her beloved grandchildren in difficult times as well, and ordinary grandmother. If you also love to have fun just like the funny bunnies, this page is created for you, the game Max and Ruby are waiting for you. Funny adventures can be found in the courtyard of his house, and Max and Ruby, as well as possible know about it. Play the puzzles that have prepared for you, rabbits and a meeting with their favorite characters will bring you not only joy, but also benefit. Max and Ruby are pleased to welcome you in their online games and are ready to take you into their ranks

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