Swords and Sandals

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Game Swords and sandals will give an opportunity to visit ancient Rome, fighting for his life in the arena of gladiators

Feel like a true gladiator is very simple. Just open any online games of the series Swords and Sandals while you find yourself at this stage and will fight other gladiators, it does not get any real injury. Although the games are so realistic that sometimes you can show that you feel the real pain of the blow. To start his battle, first choose your character that you will manage. All the fighters in these games play with their muscles, you will choose among the elves, dwarves, and even mummies can fight with a woman. It remains only to choose a hairstyle, hair color, skin color and set the parameters: strength, health, and the speed of your hero some special features. The first part of the game Swords and Sandals will bring your character to the ancient city. And there he would after his pirate ship collision with another vessel. Virtually unarmed with a couple of pennies in the pocket of your warrior's throw to the beach. To supplement its money supply, he is forced to become a gladiator and go to the arena. But without weapons is impossible, therefore appealed to the blacksmith's shop to see his product and opt for the available weapons. When your gladiator is ready to release it into the arena. Together with the enemy you will fight step by step, taking turns doing lunges. Get close to it, start the first attack to be on top of the world. Every part of the game is original and has its own idea. Thus, in the second part of the game your hero will be a prisoner of this dungeon. To be free, will have to fight. Here you not only can choose the appearance of your character, but decide with whom to get in the sparring. In the third part there were magical powers, the right to choose as the hero of a mummy or a woman. Open a free online game, you find yourself in the desert, which is one mouse click will turn into a mountain inhabited by traders. They then will be able to buy potions and drugs, as well as the necessary weapons. The free online game, the fourth part of Swords And Sandals were racing, which you can make bets. And the steps of your character will be determined by throwing dice. By the number of dropped points are determined by the steps of your gladiators. Whichever version of the online games you do not start to play, it will win its graphics, user-friendly controls and a variety of functions.

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