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Little fairy Mia lives in a magical world, she has a lot of friends, including elves and gnomes. But the closest friend of hers - a fabulous unicorn. Free online games will introduce you to each hero of this fascinating country. Mia has a very unusual, but attractive appearance. Like any girl, Mia loves to dress up and constantly change their outfits. Together with Mia there are many fairy tale characters who take part in the adventures of the girl and help her. you can try your hand at puzzles and other puzzles in exciting free online games. Also I love beautiful things and her favorite unicorn, so sometimes you have to follow him and choose him various accessories. Mia lives in a magical world, but loves reading and wants you too, knew the alphabet perfectly. Examine all the letters you will be able to free online surf game. In addition, you will go through these pictures in unusual Tsenotopiyu country, learn its secret world. Free online games Mia and I went to a native of fascinating stories about ordinary girl Mia. After the death of her parents, Mia was with her aunt, who gave the game a Woman. She made ​​the girl's father, and it looks like a book which the girl read in childhood. In this book, and began her fairy-tale life. She got into the magical world of elves, fairies and unicorns. Despite the fact that she did not understand what they were saying, very quickly I learned to recognize it, Mia unicorns. The free online game you will meet Mia and her friends in puzzles or colorings. The main task of the girl and her new friends - is to find the magic horn. They always interfere with the evil queen and her associates, tearing the tip on the part. In the online game Mia and I will you help them, making pictures. They then help friends to go on the right track. Sometimes the clues are hidden in words, but in order to read them, Mie need to collect all the letters. This is you and you will help her by treating the image with the girl and her friends.

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