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Among the infinite variety of online games there is an intellectual direction. This is all possible logic puzzles, language tasks and games for a total of erudition. One of the most popular flash games of this type is the "Millionaire." The game How to become a millionaire playing love and young adults. Fortunately, a millionaire online play is absolutely free.Playing "Millionaire" is the logical continuation of the British television show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," which first appeared on television in 1998, and since then the whole world. The participants were asked to fifteen questions, choosing one of four options, where each question had its price. The one who answered correctly to all questions, leaving a million in his pocket. Under the rules of the game participant has the right to three tips and two fire-proof as to the amount to be a Millionaire game started in different countries, and it is not surprising that there were virtual analogs of these games. True, if a millionaire online play, the money received is also virtual. But in How to become a millionaire you can play everyone and plenty long. Playing in the "Millionaire" can be not only good fun, but also to add to your intellectual baggage.

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